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不思議と飽きない曲:スペンサー・デイヴィス・グループ「Gimme Some Lovin’」 Songs I Can’t Get Enough of: “Gimme Some Lovin’” by The Spencer Davis Group


 The simple beat, played by the bass guitar and the drums at the beginning of this song, stirs my heart soon enough. Then the cool phrase played by the Hammond organ makes me excited and, after that, I’m perfectly carried away by the soulful voice of Steve Winwood

The Spencer Davis Group - Gimme Some Lovin'. Stereo





 As to The Spencer Davis Group, I only have an album CD of their best songs and I somehow love the jacket of it. What you can see there is the four members of the band who are on a vehicle that looks like a small jeep and this is the vehicle called Mini Moke which is an offroad vehicle based on Mini. I was pretty interested in the car because I possessed a Mini Cooper, a used one, at that time.


"Mini Moke" quoted from Wikipedia

 収録されている14曲の中で、前は「Gimme Some Lovin’」だけが突出していたような印象がありました。でも、久しぶりに聴いてみると、全曲ともにキャッチーで、いわゆるブルー・アイド・ソウルを代表する名盤だと改めて感じました。

  I have had an impression that “Gimme Some Lovin’” is outstanding among the fourteen songs contained in this album, Now that I listened to this CD again after a long time, however, I feel all the other songs are so catchy that I feel this CD deserves to represent the category so called Blue Eyed Soul.


 By the way, the voice of Steve Winwood sounds really soulful. When I think of someone with soulful voice among Japanese singers, let me say in passing, Shiina Junpei, who is the brother of Shiina Ringo, comes in mind first. A duet “The Onion Song” sung by Junpei and Ringo is contained in a Ringo’s albuym named “Utaite Myori ~Sono Ichi~” and this song was amazing. His voice was even more soulful than Marvin Gaye the original singer of the song, and this fact somehow made me smile. 



  • provided courtesy of iTunes

The Onion Song - Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell