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電子音なのに懐かしい:ハモンドオルガンの魅力 It Somehow Sounds Nostalgic Despite Being an Electronic Sound: How Attractive the Sound of the Hammond Organ Is


 Last time, I mentioned The Spencer Davis Group which represents the genre called Blue Eyed Soul. I’m quite curious about the sounds of bands who are in the same generation as The Spencer Davis Group. I noticed that there is a thing in common among them. That is the fact that many of them used the Hammond organ.


The Hammond organ quoted from Wikipedia


 In my childhood, I used to find a Hammond organ player in a wedding hall when I attended my relatives’ wedding party, even though I was not sure whether they belonged to the hall or not. I’m wondering why its unique, rather gay sound could be unexpectedly so cool when it is played in a band.

Small Faces - Tin Soldier

Doo Wah Diddy Manfred Mann HiQ Hybrid JARichardsFilm


 Now that I listened to the bands of the 60s again, I can find the Hammond organ used by many bands like Small Faces, Manfred Mann and so on. In the 90s, the Hammond organ was often used particularly in the genre called acid jazz. I especially loved Corduroy, a band in that genre, and they used the Hammond organ very effectively in an album called "High Havoc".


 Looking up in Wikipedia, the Hammond organ was invented by a man called Laurens Hammod in 1934. The original system had been used until the70s, but currently, its sound is produced by making use of electronic circuits.

Nulbarich - NEW ERA (Official Music Video)


 I have a feeling that there are many bands that plays acid jazz recenlty. I found some bands like Nulbarich still often uses the Hammond organ even now. It seems like the sound of the Hammond organ is something that connects the present and the past. 

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