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リトグリのMotown Super Medley 良すぎでは: “Motown Super Medley” by Little Glee Monster is incredibly good!

 モータウンって,実はJ-popのバックボーンでは,と感じています。リトグリのアルバムに入っている“Motown Super Medley”がクセになって,もうヘビロテしまくっています。

 Now I have an idea that the Motown sound has greatly influenced Japanese pop music. I’m listening to “Motown Super Medley”, which is contained Little Glee Monsters’ album, again and again because it is somewhat addictive. 


 The title says “Motown” but the songs are not ones from Motown Label. They are just arranged like the Motown sound and the songs are their own. Let me show you the title of each song.


「青春フォトグラフ」→「Hop! Step! Jump!」→「Go My way!」→「Girls be free!」→「書きかけの未来」→「放課後ハイファイブ」 

【Little Glee Monster】青春フォトグラフ【リトグリ】

Little Glee Monster『Go My Way! -short ver.-』音源

[ぷいぷい]放課後ハイファイブ/Little Glee Monster[リトグリ通信]


 Each song of these is something new to me who has just become a fan of Little Glee Monster recently, plus each one of them is so good that I can’t decide which song is better.


 You can find the same sense of excitement you felt to the Motown Sound by such groups  as The Jackson 5, The Supremes, Martha and the Vandellas and so on. There must be many elements there, which are something Japanese listeners feel catchy , for example, the call-and-response singing style, the back beat with tambourines, and the way of using brass section.


 This “Motown Super Medley” solely takes fifteen minutes and thirty four seconds to be played, so the album “FLAVA” which contains 17 tracks including this medley is a bargain, absolutely.