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ましのみ2ndアルバム再レビュー 聴けば聴くほど:The second review of Mashinomi’s 2nd album  The more I listen to it, the more I love it


 I can’t contain my feelings of love to this album. I mentioned Mashinomi’s second album the other day, and now I’m realizing that the more I listen to it, the more I love it. There are many songs I listen to repeatedly.

【ましのみ】フリーズドライplease(ほぼFull Ver.)【MV】


 Mashinomi is a unique singer-songwriter who sings songs playing keyboard herself. In this album, you perhaps recognize that she is not only a great keyboardist but also a great singer. I’m fascinated by her voice which has a wide range and the stability which is shown in all over the range.

ましのみ『Q.E.D.』10MR 東日本FINAL STAGE 1日目【グランプリ】


 Some of the songs in this album could hit the charts, in my opinion. The songs especially I’m obsessed with  are “Bika sarechatte taihendesu” and “Zero gravity no kiss” for the time being. I’m now frustrated because I have an impression that many people don’t have enough opportunities to listen to this album yet. I myself didn’t care about her songs so well, like “Mashinomi?  Well, I know, you mean the singer who sang the song ‘Put-your-hands-up’, right?”, until I listen to this album properly. You can see how much she has a capability as a singer-songwriter through this album, so I hope many people to enjoy this album.