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全部食べたい!朝食のバイキングに大満足 「大江戸温泉物語 長崎ホテル清風」:I feel like eating all the foods! I enjoyed the buffet to the full. At“O-Edo onsen monogatari Nagasaki hotel Seifu”



 I went to the restaurant on the fourth floor after enjoying the morning spa. Breakfast was buffet style.




 The restaurant which was pleasantly clean served so many kinds of foods that it was difficult for me to decide what to have. In addition to the usual Japanese or Western foods, there were some unique foods from Nagasaki such as just cooked fish-paste products, Goto udon, rather small Chinese meat buns, and boiled rice soaked in a kind of fish stock called agodashi. What I want you to have most is “Kaisen Nokke Don” which is a bowl of rice with ingredients that you like as much as you want on it. The ingredients you can choose were raw fish, boiled young sardines, thick wakame leaves near the stalk, grated Chinese yam, okras and so on, and there probably were more than ten sorts of ingredients on the counter. There was an incredibly good choice of meals for breakfast.




 I heard dinner is also buffet style, and even breakfast was that great so I felt quite regretful that we missed dinner. Next time, I’d like to take a bath while looking at the night view, then I'll enjoy dinner.

 Staying at Nagasaki hotel Seifu was quite refreshing even for local guys like us, and the hotel bill was quite reasonable, so I can recommend you to stay there for sure. I hope you visit there when you come to Nagasaki.


Somehow there are many Mangas so children can also enjoy here.