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ブック・レビュー 「IQ」 ジョー・イデ著:Book reviews “IQ” by Joe Ide


 Here comes a new detective hero. I read a mystery titled “IQ” which was written by Joe Ide, who is a Japanese American author. IQ is a nickname of the protagonist named Isaiah Quintabe.


 IQ, an African American, who lives in Los Angeles is in his twenties. He is a private detective without any qualification. He cares little about reward so most of the cases brought to him are rather trivial ones, but some of them are quite serious like blackmail, kidnapping and so on. One day, his former roommate Dodson approaches IQ with a job. It has something to do with a rap mogul, and a huge reward is promised.   


 Two plots are woven in this story, the one is about what is happening in 2013 and the other is about what happened in 2005, and these two are depicted alternately. It is revealed through things in 2005 that the reason why IQ became a detective or the relationship IQ had with Dodson and all these things eventually lead to a case which happens in 2013. This is surely a mystery, but I’m sure you would be disappointed if you expect this book to be a classic whodunit story. It is not that you can see an unexpected trick or motive in this book, it rather lays emphasis on IQ’s inner conflict and emotional growth


 I read the original version this time because I thought I could improve my reading skills by doing that. This book was published in 2016 and I found many new words which were not given in my electronic dictionary so it was challenging for me to read this book and, at the same time, I realized the usefulness of smartphones. The Japanese version of this book was published in Hayakawa Mystery Bunko in June last year. IQ was serialized and the third volume was just published in America at the end of last year. 

IQ (ハヤカワ・ミステリ文庫)

IQ (ハヤカワ・ミステリ文庫)



IQ (An IQ Novel Book 1) (English Edition)

IQ (An IQ Novel Book 1) (English Edition)