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I saw a good movie: いい映画を観ました「Chef(シェフ)三ツ星フードトラック始めました」

 アマゾン・プライムでよい映画に出会いました。「シェフ 三ツ星フードトラック始めました」(2014年)というアメリカ映画です。正直,タイトルには惹かれなかったのですが,288件のレビューがある中で,星の数4.6という高評価を得ているのを信じて視聴してみました。

 I saw a good movie on Amazon Prime Video and it was an American movie titled “Chef” released in 2014. Frankly, I wasn’t attracted by the title at all but I found it got 4.6 stars and 288 reviews, so I believed it.

映画『シェフ 三ツ星フードトラック始めました』特別映像



 It was a really exciting movie. it was fast-paced, sometimes made me laugh and sometimes made me cry, and kept me excited.

  Carl Casper, the main character is the head chef of a restaurant in California. One day, Ramsey Michela, a prestigious food critic who has many followers on twitter and also on his own blog, visits his restaurant. Carl is pleased to have a chance to show his skills to Ramsey, but the conservative restaurant owner Riva doesn’t let him make original dishes, so eventually Ramsey ends up harshly criticized. To give vent to his anger, carl abuses Ramsey on twitter so he gets naturally flamed and finally quits the restaurant. His ex-wife Inez gives him a suggestion when she finds him being not able to find a new job and very disappointed. She asks him to go to Miami where she is from because she has some business there so she is going to take their son Percy and she wants Carl to take care of him. Carl goes to Miami and is impressed by the deliciousness of hot Cuban sandwiches when he has it so he comes up with an idea of selling it on a van. He gets a rattletrap used food van and he starts to sell Cuban sandwiches on it with Martin, his ex-colleague, and Percy deciding Los Angeles as a goal.  


 The rapid development in the plot is something special. That rapidness seems to make everything exciting even if it is actually something dull. The main actor John Favreau was also the director, writer, and producer of this movie. His agility as a chef, and his wit in conversation, and the tenderness, showing a bit awkwardly to his son, as a father were all attractive. The best part of the movie is, in my opinion, the adorableness of Percy and this could be the main reason to see this movie.


  At the ending, you can see another delightful episode. It was a good movie that keeps making you smile until the last minute. I guess this movie is a suitable one to see during the New Year holidays.