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元気が出る曲:私立恵比寿中学「元気しかない!」 Songs that cheer me up: “Genki Shika Nai” by Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku


 It really cheers me up when I listening to the song. I giggle and sometimes burst out laughing, then finally end up roaring with laughter. “Genki Shika Nai”,the last track in Ebichu’s 5th album called “MUSiC”, is not only funny but fabulous because it can cheer the listeners up very much.   

私立恵比寿中学 「元気しかない!」MV


 This song was composed by KATARU, who is a member of the punk band called NEW ROTE’KA, and the lyrics were written by Kudo Kankuro. Kudokan reminds me of many good dramas written by him but the only song, which is written by him, I know is “BANG! BANG! Vacances” sung by SMAP. This SMAP’s song was released in 2005 and it was something too innovative at that time for me but I come to like it later.  


 The lyrics of “Genki Shika Nai” are  way too funnier than “BANG! BANG! Vacances”.


 Wow wow…



 Wow wow…

 All I’ve got now is vigor!

 All I’ve got now is vigor!







 Uh-oh, I’ve dropped my smart phone!

 I’ve left my wallet at home and don’t have even changes.

 I don’t have any ID nor credit cards nor gummi.

 All I’ve got now is vigor!

 All I’ve got today is vigor!





 元気マネーで お願いします

 Can I buy a bottle of juice with vigor?

 Can I take a taxi for vigor?

 Please take me to Saitama Super Arena for some vigor money.


 At first, I felt it too playful so I somehow tried not to laugh. But the way of each member’s singing was so funny that I couldn’t help laughing. The funniest part is the lines which is exchanged between members during the interludes. Starting with “Hinata, you aren’t vigorous, are you?”, they have conversations but it is really hilarious that members’ voices gradually turned to some middle aged guys’. NEW ROTE’KA’s members and Kudo Kankuro are included in these guys.    


 I love their 4th album called “Ebicracy”, and I have an impression that their 5th album called “MUSiC” is even better as a whole. This group has now only 6 members but this situation emphasizes, in my opinion, each member’s personality more than before. “Genki Shika Nai” is the song that makes me feel like that the most.