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Talking about my favorite movies: 好きな映画「ジョーズ」


 The movie I love best among the ones directed by Steven Spielberg is “Jaws”. I saw it in a movie theatre when I was an elementary school boy. I was so shocked that I was afraid of even bathing and couldn’t get into the bathtub for a while.


  In the 70’s, thriller films featuring animals were in their golden age. If I check this genre back to its roots, perhaps I found the movie “The Birds”, directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1963, the first one. I can enumerate soon such movies as “Grizzly” about a huge man- eating bear, “Orca” which depicts a revenge drama of a grampus on humans, “Empire of the Ants” featuring gigantic, man-attacking Ants, and so on. Some of them were trash even for children and most of them were full of a sense of B-grade, but only this “Jaws” was something special for me.



 Something common among thriller films featuring animals is a situation that some people, especially influential ones, give priority to their own interests or profits so they can’t avoid damages which is avoidable and the situation grows more serious. In “Jaws”, which takes place on an island with a beautiful swimming beach called Amity, the mayor and some people try to give priority to the good image as a tourist spot and try to avoid the damage caused by rumors, then eventually they can’t make right decisions and make bad things even worse. At that time, in my opinion, the feeling of impatience of the situation shown in this movie might have affected young people in their forming a sense of values. With the way of stirring up people’s fear, the skill in depicting how people act in some situations is the characteristic of Spielberg's movies. The characters are also very attractive, of course, and I was excited with the performances of Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfuss.

  Even now, this movie is so thrilling that I feel its attractiveness never fades. I think this movie is really great. 

ジョーズ (字幕版)

ジョーズ (字幕版)