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Talking about my favorite movies: 好きな映画「激突」


 The first movie that Spielberg directed was “Amblin’”, released in 1968, and it was a really short one which took only 26 minutes to show. I’ve never seen it but it seems like a love story about a hippie couple. There is, believe it or not, no spoken dialogue in it, but it uses freely visual and audio effects. Afterword the title of this movie became the name of a company that Spielberg established.



  After that, Spielberg was finally recognized as a talented director with a TV thriller film titled “Duel” in 1971. This “Duel” was released as a theater movie in Japan in 1973.

The plot is really simple. A salesman named David played by Dennis Weaver passes a tanker truck on the highway. However, just because of this act, he continues to be pursued, threatened, and his life is incessantly put at risk.   


  I was amazed when I saw this movie for the first time. It must be the worst case of, so to speak now, reckless driving. It was an obvious action trying to take somebody’s life, so the fear caused there was something so awful that I ended up laughing at some parts. The way of describing things seen in this movie, I believe, would have led to “Jaws”. 


激突! (字幕版)

激突! (字幕版)