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The unique events in Nagasaki : 長崎独自のイベント 居留地まつり「アリアの夕べ for 大浦天主堂 “An evening of arias for Oura Cathedral”」


 この夏,大浦天主堂ユネスコ世界遺産に登録されました。現存する木造建築の教会として日本最古の大浦天主堂は,1953年には国宝にも指定されています。先日,この大浦天主堂で行われたコンサートに行きました。「アリアの夕べ for 大浦天主堂」と題されたこのコンサートは,9月15日,16日に開催された居留地まつりの一環として行われたものです。プログラムは次の通りでした。

 Oura Cathedral was placed on the World Heritage List this summer.  The building which is the oldest existing wooden church in Japan was also designated as a national treasure in 1953. I went to a concert which was held in this Oura Cathedral the other day. This concert, titled “An evening of arias for Oura Cathedral” was held as part of an event called “Foreign Settlement Festival” that took place on September 15th and 16th. The program was as follows.



 The performers who appeared in the concert were Hara Satomi who is a soprano singer, Teratani Yoko who is a pianist, and three performers who came from Oita prefecture. Their performance was excellent, of course, and you were also able to enjoy the Gothic style inside Oura Cathedral listening to the music. It was a really gorgeous time.





 There was an instrument I knew for the first time. It was pan flute. The ensemble of three instruments, a pan flute, a violin, and a harp was really impressive. “Foreign Settlement Festival” takes place every year and is taking root as an event in Nagasaki. I had a really good time in the autumn evening.