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A mystery attractive due to a gap: ギャップ萌えのミステリー 「神様の裏の顔」藤崎 翔著

 普通,ミステリーには探偵がつきものです。探偵でなくとも,中心になって謎を追求していく人物がいるというのが定石です。しかし,全く違う手法で描かれながらも秀逸で,しかも笑えるミステリーに出会いました。藤崎 翔さん著,「神様の裏の顔」です。

 Usually, a detective is supposed to appear in a mystery. If not so, at least there is someone who takes the lead in pursuing the case.  However, I met a mystery book which was written in a totally different way, besides it was excellent and also funny. 

神様の裏の顔 (角川文庫)

神様の裏の顔 (角川文庫)



 This story is set in a wake for a guy. The deceased Tsuboi Seizo was a former junior-high principal who was trusted by his students, by ex-colleagues, by neighbors, and by his own children, so he was a really good person deserving to be called a God. In people’s mind, Tsuboi was not only an ideal educator or an ideal human being but someone they owe something to because each of them was saved by him when they were in a difficult position in reality. However, while they go through a sutra-chanting, incense burning, and a sermon by a monk, they see each other, and speak to each other they begin to have tiny questions about what tsuboi said or did besides good memories. Soon that tiny suspicion consequently develops to such as suspicion of bugging rooms of his own apartment house, suspicion of stalking his ex-student, and, on top of that, suspicion of murdering his ex-colleague’s son or his neighbor’s husband revealing the terrible  other side of his face, of someone who was called a God…….


 The critical point of this story is the authors skills to depict what Tsuboi is like as a God through so many specific episodes vividly and punctiliously. What looks like Tsuboi’s another face, which is revealed after many episodes of Tsuboi as God, is so mean, tenacious and brutal that it is laughable. Actually I giggled so many times because it was hilarious. I bet readers badly wants to know what the God’s true face is like and they can’t keep their curiosity under control.


 The ending is unexpectedly simple, but the sense of excitement you would feel while you read is, I bet, something incomparable.