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A place you can be immersed in music in Nagasaki: 「音浴博物館」


 There is a place where music lovers would be dying to go in Saikai city, on the north side of Nagasaki city. That is called “On Yoku Hakubutsu Kan” which has more than 150,000 records. 



 It is located surprisingly so deep in the mountains that you would be wondering whether you take the right road or not. Actually, I was suspicious about the road I took while I was driving my car being encouraged by some occasional information signs when I went there for the first time. I was excited when I saw the building because I somehow remembered a work of Miyazawa Kenji titled “A restaurant with many orders”. This building has its own history, that is, it had been originally a branch of an elementary school, then, after it was closed, used as an accommodation for boat people during the Vietnam War.



 This facility has not only records but also many kind of audio equipment such as the gramophone which was the same type of the one invented by Edison, studio monitor speakers which Elvis Presley used, and so on. Plus, you can enjoy music with the equipment. You can choose your favorite records first, then you can enjoy it with the speakers like JBL or Tannoy that you longed for. You can sit back and enjoy there all day long, or even for some days.