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An American TV drama I’m into now: 今ハマってるアメリカのドラマ 「Game of Thrones(ゲーム・オブ・スローンズ)」


 I have no interest in fantasy. Still, I thought it would be great if I came to like it, so I bravely tried all three films of the series called “The Lord of the Rings” to end up dozing off in less than thirty minutes each time. I can’t concentrate on seeing Harry Potter series very much, too. Actually, I was not excited about even Star Wars series because I somehow found them kinds of fantasy. There is another genre of movie that I’m not interested in at all, that genre is the western ancient war movies like “Ben-Hur”.



  I couldn’t help recoiling when I knew the outline of the drama series “Game of Thrones” which you can see from the 1st season up to 6th on Amazon Prime Video without charge, because it was full of something I have no interest. However, I gave it a try with some trepidation because I thought it would be a chance to overcome what I didn’t like. At the beginning of the 1st season, I was almost giving up due to zombies who showed up suddenly, but I continued…….


 Somehow, I found myself absorbed in it. Far from dozing off, I actually sat up with my arms around my knees. Even though there were many cruel scenes and the characters’ relationships were very complicated so I couldn’t understand some part of the plot well, I was perfectly into it because of the charms of characters. This story is quite different from a mere moral play because every character has something I feel empathy for. The character I particularly like is a guy called Tyrion Lannister played by an actor named Peter Dinklage who suffers from dwarfism. With his naturally tiny build, he has been neglected by his father and siblings, but he lives his life shrewdly and wildly.


 Now I find myself seeing the 4th season already. With this momentum, I might be able to like fantasy, so I’m delightfully expecting that I can expand the world I’m interested in.