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Books I read at a stretch : 一気に読んだ本 「人魚の眠る家」東野圭吾著


 I feel a little bit hesitation when I call Higashino Keigo a mystery writer. I’m sure basically he is, but I remember I felt some of his works could be called literature when I read “Byakuya Kou”. I felt that he depicted people so well. He described a locus of a life of someone who was put in quite a peculiar situation when the person was a little child in the plot of the story with tension, and I felt like “That could happen”. 

人魚の眠る家 (幻冬舎文庫)

人魚の眠る家 (幻冬舎文庫)




 The book titled “A house where a mermaid lives”, I read this time, was a piece which made me think about life with an ethical, or even philosophical atmosphere. Once I put it that way, it may sound pretty stiff and boring but actually very interesting so I read it through at a stretch. You don’t see any murder, criminal organization, or mystery to be solved in this story. Even so, it made me want to know how it would be going or what the ending would be like, then, I was deeply satisfied with the result. I somehow felt a wistful pang at the same time.

 I was really glad to come across a good book.