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ゲーム・オブ・スローンズ最終章を観て②(ネタバレなし):腑に落ちる価値観 My Impressions of Game of Thrones Season 8 ②: talking about the sense of values that is convincing to me


 There is something that is more important than the story in deciding how good the drama is. That is the sense of values which can be seen there. Although I originally didn’t like fantasy so much, I was really into this long story. That’s because I could empathize with the prevailing sense of value there. 



 At the beginning of this story, what is described there is how Lord Eddard “Ned” Stark is wrongfully executed even though he just honorably tried to help the king rule his realm as the “Hand of the King”. After that, the family of House Stark, a well-united one, are torn apart and each of them suffers a cruel fate. You must feel something unreasonable and you also feel like overcoming it to end up keeping watching how the drama is going.



 Some characters are so terribly cruel, mean and cunning that they try to degrade people. Each member of House Stark is perfectly bullied by such characters, but all the problems are solved eventually so you can enjoy this story very much. The motives or reasons of everything the brothers and sisters do showed us clearly the sense of value of this drama.  


 I realized the sense of value that this drama is based on when I saw who won the game of thrones. Come to think of it, the throne just give people conflicts and unhappiness. Now that I realized this fact and knew who is the winner, I can’t come up with other ending which is more convincing to me at all.