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Something unique in Nagasaki: いかにも長崎なもの 「チリンチリンアイス」  


 In Nagasaki, there are a sort of ice cream stalls which can be seen at tourist sites. Their ice cream is called “Chilin Chilin Ice” and loved by local people who have enjoyed it since they were little children. The appearance which reminds you of a rose flower and the special flavor which manufactured one doesn’t have, and the texture which is soft and, at the same time, makes you feel fine grains of ice are the characteristic of the ice cream.   




  Yesterday, the 9th of August, was a special day for Nagasaki because an atomic bomb was dropped here seventy-three years ago. I visited Peace Park in the evening and said a prayer. The misery that happened on that day and the agony which the victims have felt must go beyond our imagination. I felt deeply grateful for the peaceful days at present and also hoped that the stupidity of war won’t be repeated.

 I found an ice cream stall at the entrance of Peace Park yesterday. I enjoyed it after a long time to find the taste being the same as in the past.