Movies that makes me feel something old but also something new: 古くて新しい映画 「キングスマン」 「キングスマン:ゴールデンサークル」


 When I hear “an espionage movie”, what comes into my mind first is the series of 007 movies. I guess “From Russia with Love” was the movie that I was interested in for the  first time as a movie. Sean Connery was powerfully attractive even for a little boy. Plus, I was surprised at the beauty of the actress named Daniela Bianchi so I thought “How could there be such a beautiful Lady?”. Since then I had really been looking forward to seeing the 007 series on TV.


 However, while the actors who played Bond have changed, like Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and so on, I’ve been disappointed by seeing some typical plots and gimmicks or gadgets of the series becoming stereotyped. I know i can taste it refreshingly anytime by reading the original stories by Ian Fleming, so I read them repeatedly to be satisfied. 


 When I saw a movie titled “Kingsman: The Secret Service”, I somehow remembered the same excitement I felt to 007 movies. I guess it’s just because the main character was a spy from the U.K., but I somehow felt nostalgic tastes to it. The cream of 007 series was, in short, the coolness of adults. I mean, some sort of things which were beyond the reach of young boy such as spirits, luxury cars, beautiful ladies and so on, were the source of the powerful longing for me. The headquarters of a spy system called “Kingsman” is set at a fancy tailor shop in Savile Row in London. That setting makes me feel the snobbism quite characteristic of 007.


 I checked who the movie director of it was to know that it was the same director named Matthew Vaughn who had directed “Kick-Ass”. One thing that I felt sorry about this movie was that it was full of extreme violent scenes, even so I enjoyed this movie very much. I also watched “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” to feel that it was rather enjoyable than first one. I heard the third movie of the series has already been scheduled so I’m exhilarated so much now.