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露天風呂で楽しむ長崎の夜景 「大江戸温泉物語 長崎ホテル清風」:An open-air bath where you can enjoy the night view of Nagasaki. At “O-Edo onsen monogatari Nagasaki hotel Seifu”


 The night view you look out across while taking a bath is something special. I had an opportunity to stay at a hotel called “Nagasaki hotel Seifu” which is located half way up Mt. Inasa.



 I love to go to a spa with my friends so I was very pleased when I heard several years ago that “O-Edo onsen monogatari”, a famous chain spa, would open in the hotel “Seifu” . I made an inquiry at the hotel and it turned out that the spa was available for the visitors who stayed there. I’d been hoping to visit and stay there someday and I finally made it this time.




 Our plan included dinner and breakfast, but we checked in too late so we couldn’t have dinner because the restaurant closed at 9 p.m. I was really disappointed because I heard their dinner was great but I decided that I would reserve it for the next time and I pulled myself together. I heard the spa would close at 12 a.m. so we went there soon. There are two spas, on the third floor and the eleventh floor, and it depends on the time which is for men and which is for women. The third floor was for men at that time. It was a rather tiny but cozy spa and we enjoyed the view of lights on the opposite shore of Nagasaki harbor.




 The next morning, we went to the eleventh floor to take a bath in the open-air bath with a view. Although the sky was overcast sometimes a few pale rays were getting through the clouds, so we enjoyed heartily the morning spa. You can see the view of Nagasaki harbor and the center of the city on the opposite shore immediately over the edge of the spa. You can also look down on the view of the townscape from the foot of Mt. Inasa toward the harbor just below your eyes if you put your face out over the edge of the spa. The view from there was somewhat different from the view which is familiar to me from the observatory at the top of Mt. Inasa.

 I was surprised when I saw a box which has some popsicles that you can eat for free in the dressing room. I will tell you about the morning buffet next time.