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Bands that I like now : わりと好きなバンド Never Young Beach


 Many of my generation who were in their teen’s in 80’s and into YMO at that time have traced back the music history to encounter some bands like, Happy End, Sadistic Mika Band, and so on. When I think of what some musicians like Hosono Haruomi has done from the time when the Japanese rock came into the world up to the present, I feel almost overwhelmed by their greatness.   

never young beach - SURELY (official video)

 いつの時代にも,はっぴいえんどのような音を志向するグループは後を絶たず,初期のサニーデイ・サービス,森は生きているなどがすぐに浮かびます。そんな日本語ロックを求めてやまないリスナーが大喜びする音を奏でるバンドが,現在のシーンでも活躍しています。Never Young Beachというバンドです。ボーカルの安部 勇磨(あべ ゆうま)さんの声は,細野さんの声にかなり似ています。Wikiによると,実兄が俳優の高橋一生さんということで驚きました。先日ギターの松島さんが脱退して4人組になったそうですが,今後の変わらぬ活躍を願っています。

 アルバム「A GOOD TIME」は夏のこの時期に聴くと気持ちのいい曲ばかりです。

 There have always been bands who aspired to make the sound like Happy End’s, for example, Sunny Day Service’s early works, Mori wa Ikiteiru, and so on. There is still a band who is very active in performing that kind of music which brings joy to those who really love the Japanese rock even in the current music scene. The band is “Never Young Beach”. The voice quality of the vocalist named Abe Yuma is quite alike Hosono’s. To my surprise, Wiki says his brother is Takahsi Issei who is a famous actor. It also says a guitarist named Matsushima left the band recently, I hope they keep on performing as they have done.

 Their album titled “A good time” is very good to listen to in summer.