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Books I read at a stretch : 一気に読んだ本 「カラスの親指」道尾秀介著


 I've liked mystery novels since I was a boy. First, I was into a series of books called a detective boys circle stories by Edogawa Ranpo published by Poplar book company, then I read a series of Sherlock Holmes and another series of Arsène Lupin by the same company, after that I tried to read the paperback version of the Sherlock Holmes series. From then on I’ve followed a predictable route, like Agatha Christie, Raymond Chandler, Yokomizo Seishi, Akagawa Jiro, and so on, but I hadn’t been interested in contemporary mystery writers very much so I began to read different genres of books such as historical novels or world literature. I’m realizing now how I’ve been conservative and simpleminded while writing this article.    


 Even so, I ended up wanting the delight of solving riddles or unpredictable endings so I began to read some contemporary writers’ works. First, I found Higashino Keigo’s works enjoyable, then come to like books so to speak “the mysteries with bitter after-taste, now I’m always looking forward to the new release of mysteries. In the meantime, I was amazed by some works which try to trick readers, for example, “Initiation Love” by Inui Kurumi or “I think of you in the season after cherry blossoms”. These are some kinds of books which totally change all the scenery that you’ve seen in the book at the last moment before you finish it to make you feel exhilarated.   




 In my opinion, “The crow’s thumb”, the work I read this time, is something which belongs to the same group.

 The main character called Takezawa is a con artist who once stood guarantee for his former colleague to wander from the right path in life. He somehow tried to escape from the vicious circle of debt to end up driving a woman into committing suicide, then eventually he lost his wife and daughter. One day, he begins to live with a man called Tetsu who approached him trying to deceive him, besides, he somehow allows a girl, who seems to have some problems to deal with, to live with them after he happened to get her off the hook.  

 I was impressed by his skill which makes us read the book at a stretch, then I felt exhilarated and, at the same time, somehow touched by the ending. It was first time for me to read Michio Syusuke’s work. Now I feel like reading his other works.