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Good spirits in my favorite bar : 美味しいお酒 「ボウモア」


  The bartender of France Ya, where is my regular bar, sometimes lends me books. There was a book titled “What if our words are whiskey” among them. the author is Murakami Haruki. It is not a novel, but a travelogue about people or spirits he met during the travel from island Islay in Scotland where he visited some whiskey breweries, to Ireland where he visited many pubs. The book is written in quite simple but attractive style which is his characteristic way of writing. I bet you will badly feel like having some whiskey while reading the book.



  The type of whiskey made in Islay is called single malt which is made of only barley, and it has characteristically a particular fragrance due to peat which is used as fuel in the manufacturing process. The fragrance is called iodine smell, so when I have the whiskey for the first time, I just thought it tasted like a mouthwash. It is a wonder that the very smell which is really particular one makes the whiskey fantastic and really tasty when it is combined with the clear taste.


  There are some brands of Islay whiskey, and the first one I had was “Bow more”. Even though I can’t drink so much, I always order Bow more every time I go to the bar. For your information, you can enjoy other brands there such as “Ardbeg”, “Laphroaig” and so on.