My impressions of TV dramas : 中谷 美紀さん主演「あなたには帰る家がある」




 Some TV dramas which you didn’t anticipate them to be interesting at first could eventually be quite exhilarating.

 When I started to watch a TV drama titled “Anata ni wa Kaeru Ie ga Aru” currently broadcast by Fuji TV station having the last episode next week, I didn’t expect it to be so enjoyable at all. I jumped to a conclusion that it would be just another love-affair melodrama, but the plot gradually has become unpredictable so I began to look forward to seeing every episode at some time or other.  


 The first reason I like it is that any episode in this drama wouldn’t be too serious. Each problem has been solved rather easily and the characters in the drama won’t be too extreme so you can watch it without anxiety. The plot which doesn’t go unnecessarily melodramatic might not be satisfying enough for someone who wants some stimulation, but even so the story is unpredictable and very attractive. The best part of the drama for me is that it shows some decent sense of values. I began to feel excited because I’ve found a character named Nasuda Taro played by Yuusuke Santamaria becoming very important in the plot.



 Yuusuke Santamaria is an entertainer who reminds me of some good TV programs. The one I particularly loved was a TV drama named “Flowers for Algernon”. His role in the drama was a young guy who is intellectually challenged by nature but becomes a kind of genius due to newly developed medicine, but eventually end up returning to the original state. The role seemed very difficult to play but Yuusuke did it so well that I was amazed by his geat performance. There is another one, which is not a drama, I remember Yuusuke appeared with Kuwata Keisuke was “Ongaku Torasan” by Fuji TV station. The comical conversations between them was so exhilarating that I always watched it giggling.

  I’m looking forward to seeing what the last episode will be like next Friday.