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Good tunes I can’t get enough of : 何度聴いても飽きない曲 ジューシィ・フルーツ「雨あがり秘密ふたつの並木道」






  When you hear the name of a band, Juicy Fruits, I guess a song that comes in to your mind first is “Jenny wa Gokigen Naname”. I know this song has been covered by many artists such as Perfume, Yakushimaru Etsuko, and so on, but this song is something most unlike them for me. It doesn’t make sense for me that this song which is so monotonous, and sung with the weird falsetto voice of the vocalist, Ilia, who doesn’t sing that way in any other songs, has been so popular or covered by so many artists. I am sorry that this song may have ever fixed somewhat B-grade image of them in people’s mind. I think the band’s good points can be seen, for example, in a sense of unity shown in each album, and also in the unique humor shown in all albums. The combination of rather spirited female vocalist and the always weak male choir is seen so consistently in each album, from first one to third, that they make the listeners smile with great fascination.     



 「雨あがりのにおい 次の角曲がれば 近道なの 夕暮れの秘密」

 「水たまりに映る それはいつの日にも なつかしくて こわれちゃいそうな 恋のかけら」


 「ちらほら街灯り 冷えたカクテルを 口づけのかわりに」


 「そうよ 急がないで ほしい」



 The most excellent album for me is the third one. I can’t find any poor piece and the last song titled “A tree-lined street with two secret after raining” sounds so fresh and nostalgic even now after almost forty years have passed. The fantastic lyrics which are as attractive as the fairy-tale-like, cute title and the refreshing mellow melody, the distinguish bass line, all these things are the elements lovable. It is suitable for this season when the rainy season has just started to listen to this song.  

 At the beginning Ilia sings,

 “The fragrance I smell after raining, I know it’s a short cut if I turn left at the next corner, but it’s a secret.”

“The reflections on rain puddles, I know they are pieces of love which are always nostalgic and fragile.”

Then the male choir follows,

 “The twinkling lights of the city, why don’t we have a cocktail instead of a kiss?”

 Ilia replies,

 “I guess so. I want you not to hurry.”

 In other songs, you often see a situation where a boy tries to persistently make love to a girl who turns him down gently, but in this song, either of a boy and a girl shows an attitude like a cool grown-up.

 It seems that Juicy Fruits has been reformed since 2013. If I can go to their concert, I hope I can listen to this song there sometime in the future.