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Songs I’m attracted now. 勝手に注目中 鈴木瑛美子×亀田誠治「フロントメモリー」


 Speaking of a busiest song producer, I guess the name of Kameda Seiji comes into many people’s mind. He produced so many singers, as far as I know, like Shiina Ringo, Ikimonogakari, MIWA, Akai Kouen, and so on. As a bassist, his regular job, he did splendid work as a member of the band “Tokyo Jihen”, plus he collaborated with so many performing artists. I was amazed when I saw Kameda playing the bass even in a music video of Kuwata Keisuke and I wondered how widely he collaborated with other musicians. This time, he made a main theme of a movie collaborating with a young girl who is sort of a genius, potentially talented singer.   



 I saw Suzuki Emiko for the first time on a TV program called “Nakai no Mado”. The theme of the program on that day was “specially featuring people who are very good singers”. I was really thrilled unstoppably when I saw her singing in the studio. Actually, she was already famous at that time because she had won a competition named “Zenkoku Gospel Kousien 2015”, then appeared on a TV commercial. Since then, I’ve been really looking forward to seeing her debut with a major company. I’m sure this collaboration with Kameda will do good to her activity in the future.

“歌がうますぎる女子高生”鈴木瑛美子、芋へのこだわりを熱唱!「KOIKEYA PRIDE POTATO」新CM KOIKEYA PRIDE POTATO 「100% SONG」編