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A new drama reminds me of an old good one : 我慢できずにDVD購入「王様のレストラン」



 I watched the first episode of a TV drama titled “Gakeppuchi Hotel”, which is being broadcasted in this season, starring Iwata Takanori. The setting is as follows, a Hotel which was once first class but now going bankrupt, employees without professionalism, and the protagonist who makes a breakthrough in such a difficult situation. All those things remind me of a TV drama in 90’s titled “Ousama no Restaurant”. Among many works written by MItani Kouki it is the best for me. Once I remembered it, I wanted to watch it badly, so I checked on the internet and I found a DVDBOX being sold, then I couldn’t help pressing the order-button. Despite having a limitless sense of anticipation, I also felt a little bit sense of unrest about whether I could really enjoy the quite old drama which was made more than 20 years ago. The DVD was delivered a couple of days before, I finally watched it today…….



 From the beginning of the first episode till the ending of it, I was perfectly absorbed in it. A maxim by a famous chef being shown at the very beginning of the drama (in the first episode, it goes as “Anything that happens in your life could happen on dishes”), the gentle and whispering narration by Morimoto Reo, the well done characterization of people like a legendary Garçon (and others such as an owner who looks like a university student, a selfish, female chef with a great talent, an easy going head of waiters acting in high pride, a sommelier who tends to give top priority to his own sense of values disregarding customers’ feelings, and so on), plus sense of humor you can see all over it, all I mentioned above make me affectionate to it or think of it with fondness. I kept giggling and somehow moved to tears. Now I’m sure that something really good can make people not only smile but cry. The actors, Yamaguchi Tomoko, Tsutsui Michitaka, Nishimura Masahiko, Suzuki Kyouka, and so on, were quite young and really attractive. At the ending of every episode, the narration says “……, it’s another story” without fail and it enhances the joy. Now, I’m realizing that something really good never fades with the lapse of time.

 The opening theme and the sound tracks are typically so good as the other great dramas’ are, and they really go well with the atmosphere. By the way, the ending theme was sung by Hirai Ken who was not still famous at that time. 

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