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My favorite bar in Nagasaki : エルヴィン・ジョーンズが愛したバー 銅座「仏蘭西屋」



 There is a bar named “France Ya” in a corner of an area called Douza in Nagasaki. It’s a small bar with just a counter but you can enjoy more than three hundred cocktails there, so I can say it’s a place like heaven for drinkers. You can also enjoy nice music chosen by the bartender who loves jazz very much.

 There used to be a customer who always sat at the end of the counter of this bar at that time, and he was an American. He was a jazz drummer, Elvin Jones. Even a person like me who doesn’t know about jazz so well, it’s understandable how Elvin Jones is famous because among some tunes chosen by one of my best friends who loves jazz very much I can see his name with some big names like Coltrane, Miles Davis and so on. His wife was from Nagasaki, so he had lived here in Nagasaki for a while.   





  I mentioned a cocktail named Americano in this blog before, it’s a cocktail which James Bond likes to drink when he goes to Paris. I tried this cocktail in the bar the other day. It wasn’t on the menu but the bartender, we call him “Master”, accepted my order casually and soon served it to me. It was a cocktail using Campari, exactly the same as the one written in the book, and it tasted very refreshing. I've been a regular customer of the bar for more than fifteen years, and I love this bar where I can try various drinks, meet many interesting people, and experience various episodes.

 By the way, what Elvine always drank was sake.