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My impressions of TV dramas : 吉高由里子さん主演「正義のセ」



 I love TV dramas very much. I look forward to seeing what kind of dramas starts every season. The one I’m paying attention in this season is “Seigi no Se” starring Yoshitaka Yuriko. Yoshitaka plays a prosecutor named Takemura Ririko, who is in her second year as a prosecutor and has just been transferred from Osaka to Yokohama. Ririko is depicted as someone who tends to show her emotion easily so often empathize with victims or suspects in spite of herself, but she pursues thoroughly what she can’t understand or anything doesn’t make sense.


 Speaking of Yoshitaka Yuriko, I remember I was amazed by her acting a Lady named Yoimachi Shinobu in a drama titled “Ashita no Kita Yoshio” which was broadcasted in 2008. The lady she played was an idol on the way down who was frivolous and unrestrained, and not smart but shrewd. She was so attracted by the pureness of the main character named Kita Yoshio that she accompanied him and then finally saved him. I bacame a fan of her while sometimes chuckling and sometimes crying because Yoshitaka attractvely played an impish girl at will, on some occasions she called Kita Yoshio, who is played by Kohinata Humiyo, “Yoshio, my sweetie!”, on others “That damn Yoshio!” so teasingly. The impression of this character was so strong that I couldn’t help but being unsatisfied with any roll she played after the drama, of course I knew it’s just my own personal feeling. This time, though, I have a hunch that I may be able to sweep off the feeling. The character of the new drama is totally different from Yoimachi Shinobu, but I feel it’s a drama that fully draw out her charm. I’m looking forward to seeing how the plot goes.