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The unique events in Nagasaki 長崎独自のイベント:教会でのコンサート「マーティン・ハーケンス・リサイタル」に行きました。




 There are many Catholic churches in Nagasaki. You can see many kindergartens attached to Catholic churches, so I think even someone who is not a Christian may have anything to do with churches in this town. I have a photo in which children including me have candies called chitose ame, a kind of candies given to kids in a traditional Japanese event that celebrates children’s growth, with Urakami cathedral in the background. It makes me feel a little bit funny that even a Japanese traditional annual events can be held at churches.

 You see many other kind of events held in churches here in Nagasaki. Yesterday, I went to a concert held at one called Nakamachi church. The concert named “Martin Hurkens recital” seemed to have taken place with the support of Nagasaki Nichi Ran Kyoukai, and in collaboration with the Kingdom of the Netherlands embassy.





  At first, Nagasaki Kyoryuuchi Gassyoudan sung some songs. I heard this male choir was established in 2007 with local volunteers, but I thought their skills go beyond that of the amateur. After several songs, a lady who had conducted till then suddenly turned to face the audience and started to sing a solo “Ave Maria”. I was amazed by her powerful voice. Her name is Hara Satomi who teaches this choir and also is active in many places as a singer. Then, finally, Martin Hurkens appeared. I heard he was originally a baker in Holland and his daughter applied for a contest for him without letting know him, then he ended up winning the contest, after that he has been active as a professional singer. That success story seemed to have been much talked about at one time in his home country. He sung famous songs like “Turandot”, “You raise me up” and so on with his amazing voice. It was a good Saturday because I spent a wonderful time enjoying the event that went well with the church’s atmosphere.