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My impression of a book:「トリツカレ男」いしいしんじ著

トリツカレ男 (新潮文庫)

トリツカレ男 (新潮文庫)



 When NHK's “SONGS” featuring Yoshizawa Kayoko was broadcasted, there was a scene where her book shelves were shown. To my disappointment, I found that most books there were what I didn’t know. But one of my best friends told me about some of them. They were  Ishii Shinji's works like “Toritsukare Otoko” , ”Buranko Nori” and so on. I went to a bookstore to get them but I couldn’t because the bookstore in my neighborhood was so small, so I ordered them online. They were delivered yesterday and I started to read “Toritsukare Otoko” finding myself absorbed in an instant. 



 Giuseppe who is always into something as if he is obsessed with it is called “Toritsukare Otoko” by people in the town. There was no problem while he was into trifles like Operas, the hop-skip-and-jump and others, but the encounter with a girl named Pechka who selled balloons has changed things perfectly…. I finished reading this book with deep satisfaction. I even cried in some parts. The sentences are really easy to understand and I have an impression that you can call it a fairytale. It somehow reminded me of some pieces of Miyazawa Kenji. I thought it’s fantastic if this kind of books were some part of the foundation of the world Yoshizawa Kayoko created.