My impressions of books:「ぶらんこ乗り」いしいしんじ著



ぶらんこ乗り (新潮文庫)

ぶらんこ乗り (新潮文庫)




 I read a work of Ishii Shinji again, the author I got interested in after I saw Yoshizawa Kayoko’s bookshelves on TV. The work is “Buranko Nori” . This book is the first one as a long work for Ishii and was written earlier than “Toritsukare Otoko” which I mentioned last time.

 ‘I’ who is a high school girl now had once a younger brother. The story is told by ‘me’ reading notebooks written by her brother called ‘dear boy’ who she loved so much. The notebooks were found by her ‘Grandma’ after a long time.



 This is a so-called novel written in the first person, that way readers are already set to be tricked so that they can feel as if they are the main character itself and experience the same thing as the main character does. The world which readers can see there is like…, really beautiful one. Going through some episodes, some is cute, other is curious or thrilling, I had feelings of nostalgia, sweet sorrow, or longing for something. Plus, some factors like absence of her brother makes readers feel an aching void, and at the same time it makes us strongly feel like knowing about how the story goes.



 I sometimes try to tell someone about how good the work I love is, but in some cases the harder I try to, the less the person feel interest in it. Peter Pan is a good example. I was not interested in it at all when I read the picture book version as I was a little boy. But I was surprised when I saw the movie on video, and I was really glad to find It making me laugh and also cry very much. The momentum of my joy led me into trying to tell someone how it was good but ended up disappoing at the other's expression. I think those works like that are long poems that assume the appearance of a tale. We should enjoy the intention or unique character of the creator like the world created by the author, the author’s style, and a skillful way of putting something rather than the story. The world expressed in “Buranko Nori” by Ishii Shinji was really good for me. It somehow reminded me of some works of Iwadate Mariko who is a cartoonist I used to read her works before.