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The compilation of tunes I’ve chosen my own way: 勝手にコンピレーション


 It’s been bright and warm recently just like the season of spring. I wrote before that I usually listened to music in a USB memory at random, but like being lured by seasons, I make compilation albums my own way once in a while. The songs and singers I introduced in this blog before were chosen in order to make this kind of compilations. The contents of the compilation album I made this time goes like in the following way.





 The first song is “Menuki Dori” sung by Shiina Ringo and Tortoise Matsumoto. I felt this combination was way too unique and unpredictable, so I somehow avoided this song meaninglessly for a while, but once I heard it I could soon understand something that attracts me. I think it deserve being the first one because it has a great impact. The threatening minor key at the beginning of this song makes me thrilled and then it rushes into the gorgeous and dazzling melody which even makes me lough because it’s too good to be that. I will mention about my favor to the other songs I haven’t mentioned next time. Now I can enjoy even my commuting to work thanks to this selfish compilation album.

Do you have any songs you want to listen to at this season of the year?