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Bands I like now. 好きなバンド SHISHAMO



 For the last few years I haven’t watched “Kouhaku Utagassen” which is a NHK’s TV program on New Year’s eve so much. I wanted to watch only Shiina Ringo singing last year, but I was disappointed when I had carelessly missed it because I had been watching another TV program. But there was one thing I felt happy, that was I happened to hear SHISHAMO singing “Ashita mo” when I changed the channel back to NHK’s. Listening only once to it made me feel it’s a great tune. I was so excited that I tried to get the song on Amazon’s digital music site right after that, but I found that SHISHAMO’s tunes were sold only in CD, so I ordered a CD titled “SHISHAMO4”. I felt a sense of impatience I’ve never felt for a long time while I was waiting for the CD, so my pleasure was doubled when it arrived.



 At the first song of the album I felt sure it’s good and I liked it, then every song made me happy, and finally I was amazed by “Mahou no Youni” which made me thrilled unstoppably with repeatedly saying 'kira kira '.   “Ashita mo” was, of course, very good as I had thought so I was deeply convinced that it was the great song of 21st century. The vocalist’s extremely cute voice, the lyrics written from the viewpoint of a girl rather not on the winner’s side, the unexpected way of ending the phrases, and the repeat of addictive words like ‘suki suki’or ‘kira kira’ are the band’s special quality that I found with great joy. I know it is must to buy their other albums.


【早期購入特典あり】SHISHAMO 4【特典:きせかえジャケットステッカー付】

【早期購入特典あり】SHISHAMO 4【特典:きせかえジャケットステッカー付】