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Good tunes I can’t get enough of : 荒井由実「瞳を閉じて」


 I live in Nagasaki, the place where many things have a lot to do with the sea. At this time of the year, I feel somehow happy when I pull my car over to the shoulder of the road along the port to look over the ocean sparkling under the brilliant sunshine. I’m sure about there is a song which is suitable for that situation, and it is “Hitomi wo Tojite” by Arai Yumi. The episode about how it was born is very famous so you maybe know it but please let me tell you about it. 

荒井由実 - 瞳を閉じて - YouTube



 In 1974, the year this song was born, there was a branch of Nagasaki prefectural Goto high school in Naru island, which is in the middle of the Goto archipelago. A card was then sent to a midnight radio program. It was a High-school girl who sent the card and she wanted them to make a school song for her school because there hadn’t been. The request of the high-school girl from Narushima ended up being achieved by Arai Yumi who was a singer and this happened when about a year had passed since her debut. She who had never been to the place before had to make this song with only her imagination visualizing a scene of a small boat in a beautiful inlet. However, it was difficult to adopt this song as a school song so they are still singing it now and then as something precious for them.

 Among the great songs of hers this is the best one that I can’t get enough of.