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My impressions of books:「嘘を愛する女」岡部えつ著


嘘を愛する女 (徳間文庫)

嘘を愛する女 (徳間文庫)



 I’ve finished reading a book titled “A woman who loves a lie”. It was really interesting. The main character is a woman named Yukari who is just before turning thirty. One day, her boyfriend named Kippei falls on the sidewalk to go to a coma, then everything she heard from him like his job, his background, and even his name, turn out to be lies. Yukari tries to get at the truth with the help of a private eye. The process of her pursuit is described well and the ending does make sense for me so I finished reading it with great satisfaction. 


 It was my first time to read a piece of work of Okabe Etsu, the author of this book. Information about the author says one of her novel titled “Zanka Ryouran” was dramatized for a TV program. I remember I liked the drama, which was in a melodramatic style but somewhat fascinating, so I guess she is a writer with great skills. She was born in 1964 so maybe you can read many books of her in the future. By the way, this novel “A woman who loves a lie”was written as a scenario for the movie.