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"close call" 映画「デイズオブサンダー」より

 デイズ・オブ・サンダー (字幕版)


 Today, I saw a movie "Days of Thunder" starring Tom Cruise on Amazon prime video. This movie was produced in 1990, so old as 28 years, but I could enjoy it very much. Tom Cruise who played an auto racer was still young, and Nicole Kidman who played a doctor and also later his girlfriend was really attractive. Those two got married two years after the movie in real life and the fact that they ended up in divorce afterwards made me sad. I like this movie even better than "Top gun".

 英語の勉強のために音声は英語で聞くようにしています。映画だと70パーセントぐらいしか聞き取れてないような気がします。残念なのはアマゾンプライムでは英語字幕がないことです。日本語字幕でも参考にはなるのですが,できれば英語字幕がほしいですね。この映画の中ではclose callという表現が心に残りました。日本語では「危機一髪」という意味になるようです。"I had a close call""It was a close call"のように使うみたいです。

  I try to listen to words in movies in English for the sake of learning. Actually, I can catch only about 70 percent of dialogues, I guess. Unfortunately, you can't choose English subtitles on amazon prime video. Japanese subtitles, of course, could be a help, but hopefully, I could use English subtitles. There was a phrase staying with me in the movie, that was "close call" , 「危機一髪」 in Japanese. This expression seems to be used as in "I had a close call" or "It was a close call" and so on.