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数学者を扱った映画②「イミテーション・ゲーム/エニグマと天才数学者の秘密」: Movies about mathematicians②”The Imitation Game”


 This movie is also the one that satisfies someone who is humanities-oriented but interested in science secretly. This movie titled “The Imitation Game” which is released in 2014 exceeds “The Man Who Knew Infinity”, the one I mentioned last time, in some points like how well the characters are known or how much the events that happens in it are famous. so I can say this one is rather easy to have interest in it and quite entertaining.The main character is a mathematician called Alan Turing who is famous for developing a virtual machine called “Turing’s machine” which is generally recognized as an original form of computers.




 In the late 1920s, Turing who was difficult to work with by nature spent his obscure student life in the dormitory of Cambridge University. He became passionately interested in cryptography through the influence of his sole friend named Christopher Morcom but Morcom died of tuberculosis.

 In 1939, The Second World War started and The U.K. also declared war against Germany, a cryptography team was organized to decrypt the Enigma machine which the Nazis developed to send coded messages, and Turing was invited to join the team. At first, he tended to clash with other members but they began to understand how his ideas were useful in due course. However, he couldn’t get closer to the goal and then he was almost fired…….



 When you see this movie as a success story depicting the victory in information warfare which was actually a crucial point to decide the outcome of the Second World War, this movie could be taken as a really entertaining one. However, you can’t call it an exhilarating movie. Because this movie also makes you feel somewhat helpless and choked up over the sadness and seriousness of Turing’s life, but this is the very reason why I feel this movie is worth watching all the more.   

 You can see this video without charge on Amazon Prime for the time being.