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持ってるだけで嬉しい本:AKIRA(作・画 大友克洋)の魅力② 設定の面白さ Books That Makes Me Feel Happy Just By Owning Them: The Attractiveness of AKIRA (written and illustrated by Otomo Katsuhiro)② The Intriguing Settings


 The story is set in 2019 in Neo Tokyo, where the Olympic Games are going to take place in 2020. This is the most exciting settings for us who are living in 2020 right now.


  Let me enumerate the background of this story and other settings.


  The old Tokyo was devastated by the new type of bomb on the 6th in December in 1982.


     The new type of bomb was not a nuclear bomb and the details on it are still unknown.


      World War Ⅲ occurred on the same day, and the devastated countries are still in the process of reconstruction.


      Neo Tokyo city has been built on reclaimed land in Tokyo bay.


     The democratic system is still maintained there, but there are a lot of rebels.


  The army was established instead of the Self-Defense Forces.


   Apart from the conventional polis force, the military police are established


     There is a secret base under the crater which is the proposed Olympic Stadium site.


     There is a top secret research facility in the base and some people are accommodated in it for some experiments.


  The research which is carried out by the army is to develop and control supernatural power. Each examinee accommodated there has a child-like physique but looks like an old person. The boy-like figure who appeared in front of Tetsuo’s motorbike was one of them called Takashi (26). Tetsuo, who got severely injured, is taken to this research facility. The researchers find that Tetsuo also has a particular brain wave which only those who have supernatural power show and they begin to call Tetsuo 41 in the facility.


 AKIRA is also one of the examinees but his existence has been hidden perfectly. They have made him sleep in a huge freezer under the ground for a long time. 41 (Tetsuo) becomes out of control and ends up awakening AKIRA, so his terrible power is set free now.

AKIRA(2) (KCデラックス)

AKIRA(2) (KCデラックス)

  • 作者:大友 克洋
  • 発売日: 1985/08/27
  • メディア: コミック