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私立恵比寿中学「金八」の魅力⑪:エビ中らしい曲「ハイタテキ!」 The charm of the album “Kinpachi” by Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku⑪: A song like Ebichu, ‘Haitateki’


 The introduction is quite lively and the motif of it is Beethoven’s Ninth. With that momentum, the lyrics, sung by Ebichu crisply is somehow addictive so it lingers in my mind.

私立恵比寿中学 「ハイタテキ!」Music Video 



 【Hoshina】A young girl is lonely and innocent

              Sexiness vs appetite, Jesus 

【小林】2次元相手に 夜更カッション


   【Kobayashi】 We stay up late enjoying two dimensions

                  Wify mania ring 

【松野】あまねく甘党 三日座禅

    ノンレム拒否の バッド体験

 【Matsuno】Everyone of us has sweet tooth sitting all the time for 3 days

                           We refuse non-REM sleep, and it's a bad experience 


【廣田】アイツが元凶 センセーション

    リア充か? you know?

      【Hirota】  The guy is the main culprit, what a sensation       

       Living the life? You know?


【柏木】ある朝突然始まり 我慢出来なくなる

 【Kashiwagi】It starts abruptly in a morning and, in the end, you can’t control it.


 【Nakayama】Do you anticipate the thing of which we have heard so much


 【All】By no means!

【全員】歯痛的!ツライ 恋愛

 【All】like a tooth ache! Tough, love

【真山】心理のチェック ビビッてんにゃ

     味方? 敵? ややアウェイ

 【All】psychological check, you look afraid of it.

         Friend? Enemy? A bit away from home

【安本】仮想より現実 ファイト

    排他的! ミライ 圏外

       【Yasumoto】 Reality matters more than something virtual, fight

             Exclusive! Future! out of range


【小林】ノー無問題(もーまんだい) ピヨッてんにゃ

    痛み止め効け ナイナイ?!       

 【Kobayashi】No problem, you passed out

                   Work the pain killer, there there

【廣田】診察台へと ライド


     臆病ハート 歯と ハードにダイナマイト

 【Hirota】Ride on the examining table

              Not scared at all

              Timid, teeth, hard, dynamite  



 ‘Haitateki’ means two things here,‘排他的(exclusive)’ and ‘歯痛的(like a tooth ache)’.What is sung here is about a pain of love and they figuratively express it in relation to a tooth ache, and they play so much on words that it’s almost impossible to translate into English. When they sing this kind of hilarious song, in my opinion, no other idol group is half as good.

エビ中、ヒャダイン作曲で“水道水”への愛を歌う!? WEB動画『Sweet of Sweet ~君に届くまで~』

 先日、ミュージックビデオ「Sweet of Sweet」が公開されました。ヒャダインさん作曲のこの歌は「水道水」について歌ったものです。彼女たちの元気と可愛さがよく表されている素晴らしいMVです。5人でのビデオということで、少し残念に思っていた矢先に、安本彩花さんの活動再開のニュースを聞いて、嬉しさが増しました。

 The other day, their new music video “Sweet of Sweet” was released. This song, written by Hyadain, has the lyrics about tap water. This is a fantastic MV which conveys their cheerfulness and cuteness so well. I was a bit sorry that only 5 members appeared on it, but soon after its release, I heard Ayaka Yasumoto resume her activity so I was delighted all the more. 



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