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私立恵比寿中学「金八」の魅力⑩:ちょっとサイケな曲「幸せの貼り紙はいつも背中に」 The charm of the album “Kinpachi” by Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku⑩: A song psychedelic a bit, ‘Shiawase no Harigami wa Itsumo Senaka ni’


 The introduction of this song somehow made me remember  ‘Lucy in the sky with diamonds’ by the Beatles when I listen to it for the first time. So I listened to the both again to compare them, then I found that they don’t have similar phrases particularly. However, They share something in common in that both use the instrument which sounds like harpsicord, plus both have the psychedelic atmosphere with a feeling of floating, and that's why I felt that way.

私立恵比寿中学 『幸せの貼り紙はいつも背中に(from EVERY THINGPOINT2)』

 ねぇ 覚えてる? あの頃使ってた魔法

 まだ使えるわ 素敵な呪文

   Do you remember? The spell we used to cast at that time

 I can still use that fantastic spell

 独りの夜でも 壊れたおもちゃの日々も

 夏の夕暮れも たった一言で変わる

 Even a lonely night, the days of a broken toy, and the evening of a summer day, too, will change with just a spell 


 なんて素敵な日々 ああ 涙がでる

 なんて素敵な日々 ああ 与えよう

 ヨロレイヒ ヨロレイ ヨロレイ良い日

 ヨロレイヒ ヨロレイ ああ 背中には幸せの貼り紙

 How happy our days are, ah, they make me cry 

 How happy our days are, ah, I will bestow 

 Yodel-La-Hee-Hee Yodel-Ay-Ee Yodel-Ay-Ee good days

 Yodel-La-Hee-Hee Yodel-Ay-Ee Yodel-Ay-Ee ah-ah a happy sticker on your back 


 【松野】大好きだった赤い風船を ふと空に離してしまった



 【Matsuno】My favorite red balloon slipped off my hand and rose into the sky

       I could do nothing to stop it went up but just cried   

 ねえ泣かないで そのまま道で寝転んで

 うっとり見ていよう 舞い上がる赤

 Please don't cry  Let's lie on the road 

 and watch the red soaring to the sky with dreamy eyes 


 流した涙も いつもの帰り道も ちいさなタンポポ


 The tears we shed, the way we walked to our homes, a tiny dandelion, too,

 We can call this and that happiness 


 なんて素敵な日々 どんな哀しくても

 なんて素敵な日々 ああ しあわせだ

 ヨロレイヒ ヨロレイ ヨロレイ良い日

 ヨロレイヒ ヨロレイ ああ 気付けばいい それだけ

 How happy our days are, ah, even though how sad we are 

 How happy our days are, ah, we are happy 

 Yodel-La-Hee-Hee Yodel-Ay-Ee Yodel-Ay-Ee ah-ah all you do is just notice, and that's all 



  This song has been something special for them since 2017. That's because this song, which is sung in unison, has a special part which is spoken , not sung, by Rina Matsuno, who passed away in 2017. The book released last year has a secondary title, 'Shiawase no Harigmi wa Itsumo Dokoka  ni'. it is obvious that this title was named after this song, and it shows how important for them this song is. Now that I reread the lyrics, I realize that this song embodies what they have in mind or ideas on life they have got through the hardships in common. 


 This album 'Kinpachi', which contains various kinds of musical elements from classical music to psychedelic rock, might be an album as great as their recent ones in a way that they have charms which never fade. 




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