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なぜか飽きない曲:井上陽水 「能古島の片想い」 Songs I can’t get enough of: “Nokonoshima no Kataomoi”


 It reads “Nokonoshima”. It is the name of an island. This island is located in the center of Hakata Bay, so it seems to be a familiar place for people in Hakata. Unfortunately, I’ve never been there. There is the mouth of the Muromi River, whose name can be found in the lyrics of the song called “Tadashii Machi” by Ringo Sheena, in the vicinity of the island.


 Yosui Inoue has plenty of hit songs and if I had to choose one song i like the most from among them, my choice would be this song “Nokonoshima no Kataomoi”. This song is contained in his second album called “Yosui Ⅱ sentimental”, which was released in 1972. 









Due to the sound of waves surging and receding

I'm not able to sleep tonight

I go down onto the beach then take off my shoes

But the waves won’t reach my feet

I wish my voice could reach you now



 I felt as if I smelt sea breeze with just the sound strumming from the guitar at the beginning. It’s a song about a one-sided love. However, the melody is not melancholic. The instruments I can recognize in this song are the bass, the accordion, the piano, the drums, and the harpsichord which came in around the middle, and all of them go well with each other. In the second half, you can hear the cheerful sound of the trumpet and the saxophone for a while then, at the end of the song, the strings play plaintively to wind up the song.   

帰れない二人 / 井上陽水&忌野清志郎



 Now I find that my favorite songs by Yosui have lyrics about what happens at night, for example, “Kaerenai Futari”, “Yamiyo no Kunikara”, and so on. “Kaerenai Futari”, which was composed by Kiyoshiro Imawano, is as good as “Nokonoshima no Kataomoi” for me, so I can’t decide which is the best.   

陽水II センチメンタル

陽水II センチメンタル