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絶対に続きを観たいお正月ドラマ:「義母と娘のブルース2020年謹賀新年スペシャル」 A New Year Special Drama That I Definitely Want to Watch the Sequel to It: “Gibo to Musume no Blues 2020 New Year Special”



 Here you can see an ideal relationship between a mother and her daughter. There was a new year special installment of the TV drama called “Gibo to Musume no Blues”.

『義母と娘のブルース 2020年謹賀新年SP』1/2(木) あれから一年…義母と娘が紡ぐ愛!!【TBS】 



 The characteristic of this drama, I found it when the drama was broadcast in 2018, is portraying the personalities of the characters very well. I couldn’t help smiling when I saw the characteristic of each character, for example, Akiko Miyamoto (Haruka Ayase), the protagonist, always uses business terms even in ordinary life as an extraordinary career woman, Miyuki (Moka Kamishiraishi), Akiko’s stepdaughter, is incredibly innocent and simple, and Akira Mugita (Takeru Sato), the owner of a bakery near Akiko’s place, behaves in a way as a former delinquent. Those personalities are exhilaratingly outstanding in this

special installment, too.     


 Above all, how hilarious the way Akiko uses business terms in daily life is. I burst out laughing when I saw her do that. This time a baby was left in front of Mugita’s bakery, and the baby’s face looked like a company director, so it was nicknamed “Senmu (senior managing derector)”, and it really exhilarated me. The following are Akiko’s words that remains in my mind.


(Akiko somehow had breast milk due to maternal instinct) “Director, would you like to suck a bit?”


 (it turned out that the baby cries whenever she lulled the baby to sleep) “The crying system goes into action at the attempt to sleep, doesn't it?”


 (This is what Akiko said to the baby’s father, who is a single father in his trouble, when he came to take back the baby) “How about the plan that we will go and help you”


 Akiko’s energetic activity as a career woman was depicted well, too. It was exhilarating for me to see her never give up even when her work was at a standstill, and eventually make a breakthrough. I was also moved by Tetsuya Takeda’s performance as a stubborn client.



 There’s one thing to be solved for me. The problem is that someone who looks exactly like Ryoichi, Miyuki’s late father, appeared again and again without showing convincing connection. I believe this foreshadows the sequel to this installment. The original manga which this drama is based on has already ended, but I’m sure that a lot of people can’t get enough of such a pleasing world, which could be seen in this drama.