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Did he direct the TV drama?: スピルバーグ監督の刑事コロンボ「構想の死角」


 I mentioned the TV film “Duel” directed by Spielberg last time. The same year as this work, in 1971, he worked on the first episode for a series of TV dramas which became popular later even in Japan. That was “Murder by the book”, the first episode of the series “COLUMBO”.




  Actually, that was the third episode of “COLUMBO” because there had been two episodes before it was serialized, even so, it can be said that this “Murder by the book” is a commemorative one since it is the first episode of the series. The murderer, played by Jack Cassidy, was a mystery author called Ken Franklin.

 Ken Franklin and Jim Ferris are a mystery writing team which has published a popular mystery series for many years. One day, Jim announces his intentions to go solo. Actually, Ken has hardly written, he has mainly been a manager, so the dissolution means a financial ruin for him and he feels an urge to kill him. He pretends to accept Jim’s offer and takes him out to his cottage to kill him…….


 This work is full of experimental visual effects which were something typical in the 70s. He was still a novice director, only 24 years old at that time, so he tried various patterns of camera works and directions in this program. Spielberg applied for the position as the director of “Duel” and was taken on by showing this “Murder by the book” as a sample to the producer.