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"a wisdom tooth" 「親知らず」を抜きました


 I went to a dentist to have my wisdom tooth pulled out the other day. I couldn't have had brushed the tooth well for a long time so I thought it might go bad some time in the future and decided to extract it. I made up my mind that the surgery would be painful, but actually, it wasn't so I was happy. Even after the anesthetic has worn off, it doesn't hurt at all. Plus, thankfully, it took only 3 minutes. I was really lucky to meet a good dentist.

 ところで,「親知らず」を英語で何というのか実は知りませんでした。上に書いている通り,”a wisdom tooth” というそうです。「親知らずを抜く」は”extract a wisdom tooth”,または”pull out a wisdom tooth” となります。逆に「親知らずが生える」は”a person cuts his or her wisdom tooth”ですが,これにはもう一つ意味があって,「分別がつく年頃になる」という意味にもなるそうです。来週,またもう一本抜きに行ってきます。

 By the way, I dido't know how to say 「親知らず」 in English. As I wrote above, it is "a wisdom tooth". 「親知らずを抜く」 is ”extract a wisdom tooth”or ”pull out a wisdom tooth” in English. On the contrary, 「親知らずが生える」 goes like ”a person cuts his or her wisdom tooth”, but this has the other meaning which is "reach the age of reason". I'll go to the dentist again next weekend to have another one pulled out.