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 I've finished reading the manga "Hyougemono" with great reluctance. That is a series of manga featuring a Japanese commander called Huruta Oribe in the Warring States period. Huruta Oribe was not only a commander but also a great pottery and, what's more, the best "sukisya" in that era. He put a high value on being funny or making people laugh. That way, he believed, people can get rid of war and keep the world peaceful. I believe this idea has been proved in history, because war happened in the period when people, especially politicians lost their sense of humor. It is must for the leader of each country, including the U.S. president Donald Trump, to read this manga, I guess. I'm very glad to know the fact that so many young people like this manga. Oops, this damn essay perfectly lacks a sense of humor, sorry. You should just enjoy this excellent manga.

 ところで,「数寄者」って辞書で引いてみると,a man of refined taste となっていました。あまり数寄な感じはしませんね。

 By the way, I found the meaning of "sukisya" in my dictionary as "a man of refined taste". That doesn't sound refined, does it?