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色褪せないドラマ:草彅剛さん主演「僕の生きる道」の魅力④ 大杉連さん(秋本隆行役)の魅力  A drama that never fades: ‘Boku no Ikiru Michi’ starring Tsuyoshi Kusanagi④ The charm of Ren Osugi playing Takayuki Akimoto



 This actor’s performance was terrifically outstanding in each series of ‘Boku series trilogy’. Ren Osugi played totally different roles in each series and he performed each role so impressively that viewers were deeply moved. In this series ‘Boku no Ikiru Michi’ , he played Takayuki Akimoto, the father of Midori who becomes Hideo’s wife, and Takayuki is also the director of the private high school where Hideo and Midori are working at.  



 Takayuki lost his wife, since then he has lived alone with Midori. He wants Midori to marry someone who will make her a good husband and also succeed to Takayuki’s post. He finds Masaru Kubo promising as Midori’s husband because he is a good-looking guy and quite popular with students. He manages to give them an opportunity to have dinner together, but Midori doesn’t seem to be interested in him so much. Presently Takayuki notices that Midori becomes aware of Hideo’s charm as a guy, so he begins to focus his attention on Hideo’s words and actions. He ends up being impressed by Hideo’s personality, so he watches lovingly over them, he shows his obvious pleasure when they announce their engagement.


いつか どちらかが先に旅立つ日が来ると思います


 However, he is shaken when he knows Hideo has only a year to live. He is so worried about Midori’s future that he can’t agree to their marriage, and he opposes the marriage with anger. Even so, he finally consents to their marriage because of their enthusiasm so he ends up appearing in the church on the day when they hold their wedding ceremony.

病気なの もう治らないの


どうして 死ぬとわかってる男と結婚するんだ!


 I became acutely aware of how much Takayuki wavered between two feelings, the one is the feeling as a parent who worries about his daughter’s future, and the other is the feeling as an educator who should be proud of his daughter’s brave decision. I cried embarrassingly a lot when I saw Takayuki with an affectionate expression on his face appearing in the church with his wife’s keepsake in his hand. I’m really sorry that such a great actor passed away two years ago, and he was still 66 years old at that time.




 Next time, I’d like to consider the charm of Fumiyo Kohinata who played Benzo Kaneda, the doctor in charge of Hideo and Benzo understands Hideo well.






僕の生きる道 DVD-BOX (デジパック仕様セット)

僕の生きる道 DVD-BOX (デジパック仕様セット)

  • 発売日: 2003/06/27
  • メディア: DVD