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一気に読んだ本 「北天の馬たち」貫井徳郎著:Books I Read at a Stretch


北天の馬たち (角川文庫)

北天の馬たち (角川文庫)



 It’s a mystery somewhat pop, refreshing and also something makes you feel wistful pang. My first impression that it would feel cold and serious was perfectly shattered. This story which is set in Bashamichi in Yokohama city is blessed with attractive settings and characters.


 Takeshi who is the owner of a café called Pegasus was relieved to hear that there will be new tenants for the upstairs room of his building. Two guys come to see him at his café through the intermediation of a real estate agent. They introduced themselves as Kaitoh and Yamanami, private detectives. They often come down to the café to savor Takeshi’s coffee since they began to use the upstairs room as the office and also their home, Takeshi comes to like them due to their friendliness and he begins to help their jobs. One day, Kaitoh and Yamanami asks Takeshi, in unusual serious mood, to lend a hand with a job. The job is not just an investigation but something like a retaliation which is almost illegal. Although having an uncomfortable feeling and a little bit doubt, he ends up getting involved in the vengeance.     


 I was so absorbed in reading this book that I finished it just overnight due to the plot which is really unpredictable. I felt like reading the sequel, not existing though, to the story when I finished. I was so ignorant that I didn’t know Nukui Tokuro, the author, at all. He debuted in 1993, so he has written many books so far. Now I’m very looking forward to reading them.