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My impressions of TV dramas : 長澤まさみさん主演「コンフィデンスマンJP」



 I somehow haven’t seen a TV drama titled “Confidence Man JP”, currently broadcast by Fuji TV Station on the airtime so called Getsu9, but I tried one episode recorded today. I found it actually interesting so I’m really regretting not to have seen it from the first episode. The fact that the playwright is Kosawa Ryota makes the drama promising. I was actually excited as soon as I began to watch it due to the thrilling plot which is typical of Kosawa’s script. The characterizing or the funny conversation which can be seen in this drama reminds me of a TV drama named “Legal High” starring Aragaki Yui, but I feel this new one has more lovable atmosphere than the other old one.  



  I knew Kosawa’s name for the first time through watching a TV drama “Aibou” featuring Mizutani Yutaka. Several playwrights wrote the script of the drama in turn, and I happened to find that some episodes particularly interesting was written by Kosawa. Episodes by him was not only interesting but having something lingering and suggestive after the ending. There was a new year's special episode which was somewhat so decisive one for me that I was amazed by the magnificent scale and the breath taking plot which is unlike a TV drama. Since then I often see his name even in the movie such as “Alwas 3tyoume no Yuuhi” with a feeling of delight.

 Something in common to most of quality TV dramas is that, I guess, the attractiveness of actors is displayed to the maximum. Actually, I didn’t feel Nagasawa Masami’s charm so much before but now that I watched the drama I do and even like her very much. I’m really looking forward to watching the episodes left.