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Funny but good songs : 可笑しいけどなんかいい曲 水曜日のカンパネラ:「ドラキュラ」






 I know many people love a music unit named Wednesday Campanella. I read some articles about them on Music Magazine several years ago, then I checked their songs on You Tube urgently to get amazed by a song titled “Tchaikovsky”. The song starts with sounds which reminds me of house music in 90’s, after that a female vocalist with unique voice sings obviously waggish lyrics. I giggled but also was impressed by the quality of the tune so I bought an album titled “Take me to Onigashima”. Every song in it was fantastic and the song I was thrilled most was “Dracula”.


「血ぃ 吸うたろか お前の  血ぃ 吸うたろか~」



“Shall I suck your blood? I shall.”

 Dracula, sung by Kom_I who is the vocalist of the unit, is so sloppy in this song that it makes you wonder if it really means to suck someone’s blood or not, however, that way the song makes you feel good at the same time.

 I often see Kom_I in various kind of TV programs recently, and I saw her in AbemaTV’s program named “7.2 New Another Window” the other day. I anticipate to see her becoming more active in the field.