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遊び心いっぱいの名作ドラマ:離婚しようよ(Netflix)の感想② A TV Drama That Is Full of Fun-loving Vibes: My Impression of Let's Get Divorced②


 We will get divorced if Taishi could get re-elected in the snap general election! After Yui and Taishi declared that, this drama mainly depicts how the election goes. The first impression of this drama was just how-they-get-divorced sort of thing, but actually it goes in an unpredictable way so the story becomes interesting all the more.


 I wonder there were other TV dramas that depicted elections so interestingly like this drama does. In this part, Koji Yamamoto who played Taishi's rival candidate called Go Soda remarkably acted well. Soda looks like just a clean-cut and likable guy, but actually is really arrogant and a smooth talker  who can  entertain and attract audience.


 Yui's bedfellow called Kyoji Kano was played by Ryo Nishinido, and he acted this role so tactfully. Kyoji is characterized as an artist who is sexually impotent even though he looks so attractive as a guy, and Nishikido  successfully played this complicated character with his great skills. Kyoji, who loved Yui on his own way, somehow ended up getting hooked on election campaign before he knew it.


 The characteristic of Kudo's scenario looks like eccentric, but he is really good at drawing actors' real attractiveness. Another characteristic of his scenario is is full of catchy phrases that make you feel like saying it and the same goes in this drama, for example,  "kashikomi kashikomi (Yui's set phrase when she plays a shinto priestess)",  "who knows whether it is soda or cola",He is crying! ! dissolution",  and so on. I'm sure this drama is so enjoyable that I can watch it one more time so I recommend you watch it if you haven’t yet.